Diffusy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) establishes the following terms of use (hereinafter “the terms”) regarding the use of “Dig It” musical instrument serial number search service provided by the company (hereinafter “the Service”). Users of this service (hereinafter “the User”) agree to these terms when using this service.

1. Content of Service

The Service our company provides allows users to search for information on specific models (year of manufacture, brand name, instrument name, model number, price(If sold in Japan), and more). Please be aware that the company may change, suspend, or terminate all or part of this service without notice.

2. Privacy

1. User information acquired by the Company will be handled according to our Privacy Policy. The User consents to the Company’s handling of user information according to this Privacy Policy. The Company may use and disclose at our discretion the information and data provided to the Company by the User as statistical information that is not personally identifiable, and the User shall not object to this.

2. The Company bears no responsibility for damages to the user from entrusting or providing a third party with personal information based on the Privacy Policy. The User must be fully aware of the content of this section when using this service.

3. Installation for Use

An internet connection is required to use this service at the cost and responsibility of the User, and communication lines, equipment, software, and other means may be required to use this service as well. The installation and running of these communication lines, equipment, and software are to be done properly at the cost and responsibility of the User. In addition, when using applications required for browsing, the terms of the software distributor will apply.

4. Copyright, Property Rights, and Other Rights

1. For all content, including images, photographs, and information in using this service (hereafter Content), the copyright, trademark, patent rights, design rights, and any other rights including intellectual property rights belong to the company or the third party who owns the rights. The User acquires no rights to the Content, and shall not violate the rights of the rights holder in any way.

2. The Company assumes no responsibility for damages caused by user actions that violate the preceding paragraph. In addition, should the User profit from such actions, the Company has the right to claim an equivalent profit.

5. Termination or Changes to this Service

1. The company may terminate or change all or part of this service at any time for any reason without notifying the User in advance. However, the company will endeavor to notify the user of termination or changes to the service in advance through email or notifications through the service itself.

2. The Company bears no responsibility for direct or indirect damages to the User or a third party caused by termination or changes to the service mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

6. Disclaimers

1. While the Company takes great care in the handling of information and verifies before posting, we bear no responsibility to any individual or corporation under any circumstances for the following:

Ⅰ. Loss or damage(either total or partial) caused as a result of the acquisition and use of information provided in this service (including but not limited to product specifications, images, and links. The same applies below in the Terms.), or from the inability to use this service.

Ⅱ. Loss or damage (either total or partial) caused by mistakes (regardless of whether it was the Company’s error) in information contained in this service.

Ⅲ. Loss or damage (either total or partial) caused by errors in the information provided by the service due to broken links, the passing of time, or any other circumstances.

2. Information provided by this service is not intended to assert facts, nor recommend affiliation, purchase, sales, or possession of any product. Even if advice or suggestions are provided to the User directly from the Company or through the service, we do not guarantee (explicitly or implicitly) the accuracy, speed, integrity, marketability, or appropriateness of content. In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for damages or disadvantages to Users or third parties.

3. The Company does not guarantee (explicitly or implicitly) the accuracy, speed, integrity, marketability, or appropriateness of content of advertisements posted within the service (regardless of form) or of external sites linked within this service. In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for damages or disadvantages to Users or third parties. The User will use his or her own discretion and responsibility regarding the content of advertisements and linked external sites.

7. Use of Information

The Company may use information gained through this service and information provided by or entered by the User of this service (this information includes information on product or service reviews and prices, as well as suppliers and sellers of products and services, and excludes information that identifies individuals or corporations) for analysis, evaluation, and providing information to third parties.

8. Links to Other Sites

When using this service, there may be links to other websites and resources, as well as links to other websites and resources by third parties and track back registration. Linked websites and resources are independently managed by their respective owners, and the Company is not concerned with and bears no responsibility for their content and safety.

9. Prohibited Uses

1. When using this service, the User must not perform the following actions or anything that may be considered such an action (hereinafter “Prohibited Actions”). The following prohibitions may be amended as appropriate by the Company, and as such the User is obliged to check the latest content when using this service.

1. Copy, play, duplicate, send, transfer, distribute, transmit, enable transmission, modify, adapt, translate, or lease any information provided by this service, in whole or in part, or perform action with these intents or to store information for these uses, without prior consent from the Company

2. Actions that violate these terms, the terms of use, or the guidelines

3. Actions that violate or may violate public order and morals

4. Actions that are or may be criminal or illegal

5. Actions that inflict loss or may inflict loss upon other users or third parties

6. Actions that impede or may impede operation of this service

7. Actions that damage or may damage the credibility of this service

8. Actions that infringe or may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party (including but not limited to copyright, design right, utility model patents, trademarks, patent rights, and expertise), infringe upon the name, privacy, or other rights or interests of third parties.

9. Actions that encourage the actions specified above

10. Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company

The company will terminate service to customers who have performed any of the above actions, and will take any other measures deemed appropriate. If the Company deems that the customer has violated the content or intent of these terms or has acted in a manner inappropriate to the spirit of these terms, appropriate measures will be taken. The Company may also take measures at our discretion towards inappropriate conduct by customers, regardless of whether another customer is liable. Please be aware that we cannot tell customers the reason such measures have been taken, regardless of the reason. The Company bears no responsibility for damages to the customer due to the Company taking the measures above.

Consent to the Terms and Changes to the Terms

1. The User must agree to these terms and follow the stipulations in the terms when using this service. By using this service, the User consents to these terms. These terms apply to all Users, who are required to comply when registering as a user and thereafter.

2. If the user is a minor, the consent of a legal guardian such as a parent is required to use this service. In addition, if the User is a minor, the Company may contact the guardian regarding the guardian’s consent.

3. The Company may change these terms as necessary. Should the Company change these terms, the User will be notified, and if the User continues to use the service after notification or does not delete their account within a period specified by the Company, it will be considered consent to the changes in the terms. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages to users caused by revisions or changes in the terms.

11. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be interpreted based on Japanese Law, and depending on the content, the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes arising between the User and the Company.

Established July 2, 2016